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Stephen Goodale:

In the early 1980's I worked for Tandy Corporate designing and selling computer systems, data storage and other technology solutions for major corporate entities such as Kerr Glass, Armstrong, ISC, RR Donnelly and many more.  the computer era was in its infancy and times were exciting. Our role back then was to take a client's particular situation and try to match it to the best technology available and then to stay with the client as issues came up and needed to be resolved.

I then had the opportunity to work with Lancaster Laboratories in their gas chromatography labs.  This entailed careful and specific protocols through which waters and soils were examined for toxic compounds and the levels judged by using a column packed with a material through which gas passed transporting the elements past detectors which then gave a reading in peaks and valleys that needed to be judged against known standards.

After three years I left to form my own company and in 1993 KG projections was born.  This small software solution company quickly expanded to two hundred clients and twelve employees.  While this company is still very much alive I have scaled it back since 2006 to allow me to preform my other love, teaching children.

In 2004 I started The Weatherly Robotics Club and in 2006 incorporated that into The Weatherly Institute for Robotics and Engineering, a PA non-profit.Over the years I have taught thousands of young people in colleges, universities, school districts and private schools, but I love to teach my Institute's classes from which I have helped 37 young people to become engineers in many various fields.  You might say that they first fell in love with the engineering field while having fun in our small groups.

Deborah Goodale

My wife had spent many years in her own health and nutrition business helping many ill people deal with serious issues, working hand in hand with their doctors to give them an opportunity for a healthier life.

Deb also spent many years teaching young people in church settings as well as an aid in public school settings.  She is particularly apt at relaying my engineering principals to young ladies and as a result the number of gals in our classes has increased significantly in the last two years.