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Active Projects at STEM Dreams the Lab at New Ringgold

Part of the task presented to those of us working in the Lab is to apply the knowledge that we have in a way that will benefit society as a whole. In essence the very definition of an Engineer.

To that end we are working on two basic research and development programs.  These are the Robotic Bee and the Agricultural Drone.

Over the last ten years environmental pressure and contamination has been decimating our native and European bee population.  These small industrious creatures are responsible for over one third of the food crops grown around the world.  These crops rely on the pollination of their flowers by the stops and visits of these bees.

We have spent a great deal of time in the design of an artificial bee.  The basic research is done and we have begun to develop prototypes in an effort to model, an augmentation vehicle, a robotic bee to pick up the slack if it becomes necessary to maintain food production to help feed our 7.2 Billion people.

In a similar vain we are prototyping an agricultural drone which will visit designated fields and use its sensors to take relevant data concerning moisture content of the soil, invasive weed cover, and known plant vectors.  All in an effort to supply the farmer with usable data so that he or she can administer the appropriate solution to aid in their crop growth.

It is hoped that this will decrease the amounts of herbicides and pesticides needed by directing the farmer to the correct portion of their fields, while increasing yields through judicious application.